The Long Island Blonde is a lifestyle blog based out of the beautiful Long Island , NY. The goal here is to be your go to resource for all things beauty x fashion x fitness & wellness x food x home decor x all things LI x all things pink x & everything in between. I am the creator and founder of blog and company The Long Island Blonde. I am a graduate from The Fashion
Institute of Technology. My goal is to apply my fashion and style and life hack expertise to aid you guys in any questions you have in your every day life. I created the blog because upon graduation , I had a very good job offer at a major company. I always put my 110% at work but my heart soul and calling wasn’t there. I’m very grateful for the opportunity that they gave me and they experience that I gained ( no one can ever take experiences from you ) BUT I took the plunge I switched career gears and made the choice to work in a company that promoted work life balance more so I could continue putting my 110% at work but have my time to launch my company and brand. Since a very young age I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit geared toward fashion , beauty and fitness and always had a longing to befriend everybody and help everyone. My goal is to always make someone’s day sparkle a little more and a little better. I believe in kindness and spreading it everywhere. All of my passions and beliefs combined brought this to life and I am so glad I pushed myself to start working towards my true goals and happiness. I don’t believe you should ever quit your day dream. Happiness starts from within and doing what makes YOU happy and what sparks YOUR fire will provide you with a happy life. Keep putting in the grind and effort, the success will follow. Aside from my family , my amazing and supportive husband , my wonderful mama and my two Siamese fur babies Mimi & Kiki, my life really revolves around fitness & wellness , fashion & style , beauty , home decor , food , all things pink , being a true New Yorker ( Long Islander ) I feel things I am passionate about and what I find to be life hacks could relate to a large channel of people similar to myself and not so similar to myself to help aid them ! I am here to be really true , really pure and really organic. I hope
this blog benefits the readers and creates a beautiful loving community. PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions ! And share your best tips and hints or just say hello! I want to get to know everyone. Hit the contact below and don’t forget to subscribe.

<3 Hannah