Beaches & Beans

Hi guys!

Happy Sunday ! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I just wanted to share with you this amazing coffee I tried this past weekend! And it’s beaches and beans! It is so delicious. It’s all organic and fair trade. The coffee flavor is amazing it’s super flavorful , smooth but not at all bitter ! My husband and I are obsessed were coffee people and this really tops the rest ! I discovered this coffee company when my blog was just starting out. They’re family run and based out of Montauk ! They’re the nicest people we became insta friends and I really appreciate their support. They specialize in fishing which is very fitting for Montauk. If you guys haven’t heard of them check them out on insta @beachesandbeans! There’s a link in their bio to their website make sure you give their coffee a try!! You seriously won’t regret it. Have a wonderful evening and the rest of ( what’s left ) of your weekend! And Happy Sunday !! Have a blessed one

<3 Hannah

photo credit @beachesandbeans