Live life with a grateful heart

Good afternoon !

Happy Tuesday everyone. Yesterday went weirdly slow then freakishly fast. I was so grateful just to be home and on my couch by 8pm last night. My days are so long I find it to be a blessing to come home at the end of the day and just relax. Speaking of grateful. I want to speak about gratitude. I think everyone should practice gratitude and have more of it in their life. I look back on things I wanted a year ago, a month ago & a week ago and I have them now. Trusting in your faith and the power of prayer is so impactful in life. I feel like human beings myself included have a tendency to always focus on what they want more of instead of focusing on the now and what we have now. This time last year, my husband & I couldn’t find a home during our home search for the life of us and if we did we would be outbid in a damn bidding war even though 9 times out of 10 we were going in with offers above asking price. Granted we ended up in one for our current home paying way over list price but I trust that winning that bidding war was because this house was meant for us. Even then , we were living in a beautiful apartment it was small and no room but prior to living there we were in a God awful apartment .But , it made me realize just the blessing of having a roof over our head was what was truly important. We were blessed to be able to get our home. We’ve already put in so much work , full gut kitchen , siding, roof , fence , boiler , laundry room , floors , full house paint and full landscaping. ( you get the picture ) we got a lot of new furniture too.

To this day I find my husband and I talking about all of this other stuff we wanna do to the house. Don’t get me wrong I think goals and having pride in your home is amazing. But what is also amazing is being present and grateful for what you have now. Not focusing on what’s next and enjoying every little moment.

I remember a little longer then this time last year I was so tired of being in retail. I’m such a creature of habit and having no stability or true routine was taking a toll on me. I was fortunate enough to be able to switch gears and go into finance. There are still days where I get remorseful and miss fashion. But sometimes I have to take a step back and reflect. No, I am not in the trenches of fashion like I used to be. However , I am living my own dream and creating my own reality of my company and brand. Being in finance has given me some stability and my life back! For that I am grateful.

Even last night , my husband was working overtime so I met him at the diner for dinner when I got off of work during his dinner break.

The diner was really really slow , ignored us for a half hour before taking our order and taking ridiculously long & I was naturally hangry and getting impatient. Hanger is serious with me LOL. Once I got my food I was fine. But then I like thought about it. I was SO annoyed SO hangry because I couldn’t order my wrap fast enough? I mean I had a come to Jesus in my head. There are people that have serious problems way worse off then me! So I need to calm down and reflect if what I’m getting all annoyed about is even worth it.

So the moral of the story ! Practice gratitude. Be present & be grateful for what you have now. I know it’s hard not to focus on the what you want more of next. Goals are an amazing thing. Attaining them is even better. Just remember to always be thankful for what you have now. 💗