The oh so iconic red bottom CL

Christian Louboutin, to buy or not to buy?

Red bottom shoes ? The iconic Christian Louboutin! Are they worth it ?

So- the classic Christian Louboutin shoe. They carry a hefty price tag but there’s something about them that are so magical. You feel really fashionable when you wear them. That striking red bottom will catch the eyes of people too. I like to wear them with an all black outfit then pop there’s that beautiful red sole. I bought my first pair when I turned 24. They were something I really wanted for a long time. I was in the midst of changing jobs from a manager at Coach to a manager at a boutique in Sarasota , FL. I know what you’re thinking .. she’s the LI Blonde why was she in Florida? I did live in Florida with my husband then fiancé for a whole whopping 10 months. There is an array of reasons why FL didn’t workout as we would’ve liked it to and I will share that with you guys later. But for now I’m here to hash out the details of the beautiful shoe.

The pros :

Beautiful high quality leather you can really tell the difference in the quality between them and another shoe.

Iconic , timeless and classic will never go out of style.

The cons :

The red on the bottom wears off and it wears off FAST. You’ll go one day of wearing these shoes to find the soles completely destroyed and mishmantled looking. Which can be extremely upsetting after you spend that much money. CL says this happens so “ women leave their mark wherever they go “ but I don’t want that mark coming off my shoe! ESP after I spend all of that money Lol

HOWEVER - I did find an amazing shoe maker in Steward Manor, NY who made restored my shoe and made them look like new. The other plus is the red bottom will not scrape off anymore. It’s a protective sole to make them last. My recommendation is to do this BEFORE you wear them right after getting the shoe. The price tag for this was pretty hefty too ($130) but it’s definitely nice to know I can wear my shoes in a peace of mind and that they no longer look beat up.

So I mean honestly in the it’s up to you! Everyone works so hard for their money and how you choose to spend is totally at your discretion. But if they are something you’ve been eye balling. I would say reach for the stars and buy them! You will not regret it. Anytime I whip them out and wear them to work or an event people ooOooh and ahHh and say are those Louboutins?! And I humbly respond yes. If fashion is something that means a lot to you I think you should have a pair of these in your closet. I recommend going for a nude or black ( a neutral shade that is forever timeless). Do you guys own any CL ? If not what’s your shoe of choice ? Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe at my website

<3. Hannah