Valentine’s Day Vibes

Hi guys ,

Happy Presidents’ Day ! I know that a lot of people are off today. Yay ! Enjoy !

I hope that every one has an amazing Valentine’s Day weekend. Ours was definitely wonderful. My husband always picks out the cutest places and it’s always a surprise until we arrive. He is the sweetest and always sends the prettiest flowers to my job too. He’s really sweet and thoughtful. I’m truly blessed.

This year , he surprised me with Monsoon in Babylon ! It was so nice in there. The ambiance is great. Our reservation was for 9 we got there at little early and had a few drinks at the bar before being seated. ( we weren’t seated until 940 but that’s ok we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. ) I started with a Lychee Martini it was good but just a little too sweet for me so I switched over the Monsoon Cosmo which was really delicious.

We were seated ( upstairs ) which we requested. It’s a lot nicer up there honestly. We enjoyed our dinner of sushi and then their chicken dishes. I usually would’ve opted for the steak but I’ve been really tired of red meat lately and trying to keep my distance. The dessert was fried Oreos and banana ice cream which was OK. But it was just nice to be there.

As we were getting ready to leave pushing midnight the dj was playing really good music from like the 90’s and early 00’s. ( My kind of music).

It was really all the good vibes and all the good feels.

Plus , Babylon is my favorite village ever and it’s only a mile and a half from our house!

What did you guys do for Valentine’s Day? Enjoy your long weekend !

<3 Hannah